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Geant4 - an Object-Oriented Toolkit for Simulation in HEP
Example B1 History file
This file should be used by the G4 example coordinator to briefly
summarize all major modifications introduced in the code and keep
track of all tags.
* Reverse chronological order (last date on top), please *
13-07-21 I. Hrivnacova (exampleB1-V10-07-03)
- Use B1 in multiple inclusion protection ifdefs
- Fixes in Doxygen documentation
12-07-21 I. Hrivnacova (exampleB1-V10-07-02)
- Introduced namespace instead of a class names prefix
- Declare overriding functions 'override' (and removed 'virtual' keyword)
31-05-21 I. Hrivnacova (exampleB1-V10-07-01)
- Use nullptr instead of 0
- Clean trailing whitespaces from all files
30-05-21 M.Maire (exampleB1-V10-07-00)
- exampleB1.cc: use G4SteppingVerboseWithUnits
02/11/20 B.Morgan (exampleB1-V10-06-01)
- Support same CMake version range as core Geant4
30/06/20 G. Cosmo (exampleB1-V10-06-00)
- Migrated to use G4RunManagerFactory, therefore implicitly enabling
tasking by default in MT builds.
21/11/19 G. Cosmo (exampleB1-V10-05-00)
- Use default MixMax random engine.
26/09/16 I. Hrivnacova (exampleB1-V10-02-01)
- Updated for renaming G4Parameter in G4Accumulable
20/09/16 J. Allison (exampleB1-V10-02-00)
- vis.mac: Added this to make "Envelope" transparent blue:
# "Envelope" is transparent blue to represent water
/vis/geometry/set/colour Envelope 0 0 0 1 .3
02/11/15 I. Hrivnacova (exampleB1-V10-01-03)
- B1Run class replaced with a code based on G4Parameter
04/05/15 I. Hrivnacova (exampleB1-V10-01-02)
- Coding guidelines: removed empty lines
23/04/15 mma (exampleB1-V10-01-01)
- RunAction : come back to previous formula
21/04/15 mma (exampleB1-V10-01-00)
- RunAction : correct calculation of rmsEdep
29/11/14 I. Hrivnacova
- Use G4endl instead of \n in G4cout;
this makes each new line in the output on threads preceded with
06/11/14 I. Hrivnacova
- Removed G4UI_USE/G4VIS_USE tests and init.mac macro (not needed)
- Moved G4UIExecutive at the beginning of main() in all examples
- Perform run initialization in macros instead of main()
28/10/13 I. Hrivnacova (exampleB1-V09-06-06)
- Removed SetNumberOfThreads(4) from main (use Geant4 default)
26/10/13 mma (exampleB1-V09-06-05)
- Use /run/printProgress. Cleanup in EventAction
08/10/13 I. Hrivnacova (exampleB1-V09-06-04)
- Removed B1EventInformation for keeping maximum simplicity
- Improved documentation (added paragraph on Run::Merge())
- Code clean-up
09/06/13 I. Hrivnacova (exampleB1-V09-06-03)
- clarify local names in user actions
05/06/13 mma (exampleB1-V09-06-02)
- add section about ACTION INITALIZATION to README and .README
- update section DETECTOR RESPONSE
05/05/13 I. Hrivnacova (exampleB1-V09-06-01)
- Migration for MT (by Makoto):
Added B1ActionInitialization, B1EventInformation and B1Run classes
and updated actions classes accordingly.
README files still need to be updated.
15/01/13 I. Hrivnacova (exampleB1-V09-06-00)
- Tag for a test only (g4svn update with svn 1.7.x)
13/11/12 I. Hrivnacova (exampleB1-V09-05-03)
- Use QBBC physics list instead of QGSP_BIC_EMY, which becomes
02/11/12 J. Allison (exampleB1-V09-05-01 and 02)
- README: Improved.
02/11/12 J. Allison (exampleB1-V09-05-00)
- vis.mac: Improved view and added text, scale, logo etc. to scene.
14/11/11 I. Hrivnacova
- The first tagged version of the new B1 example
(tagged in basic)
31/10/11 I. Hrivnacova
- change volume names
- scoring in 1 volume only, with new scheme
05/09/11 M. Maire, P. Gueye
- Created.